Saturday, January 12, 2008

today was another happy day! :D

1. my college softball team won the tourney! :D with me as honourary coach and cheerleader. if only i was staying in college this term i'd be eligible to play! darn it, the 1 year i don't stay and play, they win. murphy's law :( but i'm still so happy! :D

2. cute medic boy was studying at the next table all of today! when i left to go watch the match, he was there, and when i came back, he was still there! and he said hi and bye to me as i left. YAY! :D

studying is coming along, but painfully slowly. :( am desperately worried i won't even complete one round of reading, but i'm going to do the best i can.

it's a ban on computers for the next 2 weeks! :( wish me luck please!


jessica said...

good luck ditzy!!!

you'll do great!!! I know you will!!!!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Good luck!!!!! Do fabulously on your exams, I know you can! :)

Harry said...

cute medic boy on the horizon??