Saturday, January 26, 2008

it's do or die!

1 more day to the beginning of the end, and then hopefully i'll be free and escape the re-paper.

nothing is staying in my head at the moment, it's a "i vaguely know the answers, but i don't know the answers" kind of feeling.

it's quite terrible, and I HATE PATHOLOGY.

then again, maybe positive feedback and positive pyschology does wonders, so I LOVE PATHOLOGY! I LOVE PATHOLOGY! I LOVE PATHOLOGY!

to stave off boredom and stress, i watched chariots of fire tonight, and ohmygosh, the boys are so young and handsome and the show is so totally inspiring! no prizes for guessing my favourite - lord andrew lindsay! i'm a sucker for bright smiles and bright eyes :D

cute medic boy made a reappearance today (if only for a few seconds!), smiled at me, and then promptly disappeared back into the bowels of the hospitals for his examination prepations. the seniors sure have it much harder - the final FINALS are coming up! :( and that's going to be me all too soon.
(tlm - just how do you stand it!)

and heath ledger is dead! OMG how did that happen! according to the reports it seems that the anti-insomniac drug he took had a bad side effect? maybe it was the synergism of all the pyschiatric drugs he's been taking. :( still, it's a great loss! :(

alright, it's back to pathology. slides and histology, cytology and gross specimens, my brain is exploding and cumulating in a liquefactive mess of necrosis and inflammatory infiltrates of predominantly neutrophilic nature!
yes, being nerdy helps i hope! :)



Harry said...

Path aint too bad?!

I HATE physiology.

hate it.

jessica said...

Anytime Ditzy! Anytime :D

Good luck tomorrow- you're going to do great!!!!

the little medic said...

Argh, don't remind me ;)

My coping strategy is denial - it works quite well. (for now at least)