Saturday, January 19, 2008

just a quick update - i'm alive!

barely, but alive. i'm drowning under mountains of paper and books that i haven't seen since we ended year 2, of which they're only examining us on right now.

i've skimmed through the syllabus once through but i can't remember anything, unfortunately :( hopefully it'll come back to me when i start doing the questions! have been camping in my friend's room for the past few days and i'm finally home for the weekend (internet access, hooray!) and it's really good to see my parents again :)

no signs of cute medic boy though! :(

the stress has permeated every corner of the library and school, and it's KILLING ME :(

hopefully it'll all come together in the next week! ONE MORE WEEK to exams!

may you all keep safe and enjoy yourselves! :)


jessica said...

I'm always scared when I study that I'm not studying well and wasting my time (maybe b/c I try to rush through it? :P)

Good luck Ditzy!!! You're going to do GREAT!!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

I too am drowning under mountains of textbooks, but we can do it! Come on Ditzy, just one more big push and then you'll be done your exams :)
My cute medic boy is also nowhere to be found (where has he goooooneeeee?????)
Good luck good luck good luck! You'll do amazing I'm sure :) :)

jessica said...

There are too *many* cute medic boys. I can't keep track of them all!!!

I saw le nouveau boy in a Starbucks on campus.

the little medic said...

Keep on going - sounds like you're doing pretty dam well.

cute medic boys? pffft.

jessica said...

oh, sorry. Cute medic men? Is that better??

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Oh, medic boys are terribly cute. Medic men just doesn't sound the same :)
(I haven't seen my "Cute Medic Boy" in well over a week! I'm going into withdrawal!)