Wednesday, January 30, 2008

IT'S OVERRRRRRRRRR!!!! -flings papers in the air merrily and prances around-


admittedly, it wasn't a perfect paper (in my dreams only!) but heck, i'm hoping that it was enough to pass!

now i'm off to enjoy myself, head to the beach for a tan and some sand, sun, sky and (pseudo) surf! the 4 "S"s stand for 4 of my most favourite things in the world :D

there's a little black cloud on the horizon, that is, the pass-fail results on monday which determines whether i'll need to sit for an oral exam, but right now, i'm just going to take it easy and worry about it then! :)


jessica said...

C'est fabulous!!!

Congrats Ditzy!! I really don't think you need to worry about taking an oral exam because I know you did brillantly!!!

jessica said...

oh. the beach? *mutters darkly about people who live in places where they can go to the beach in january*

Uhm. Let's just say Xavier and I almost cracked our skulls on the ice today.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

You get to go to the beach?!?!?!
Ugh. I'm so jealous, it's cold enough to get frostbite here... I'm tlling ya, it's -20 today!!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Congrats on your exam though!!! Go on and rock that oral exam! You can do it!